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We are not your typical agency. Before we developed an expertise in the world of marketing we worked as medical providers, helping patients, and making a positive impact in our community. We have over 10 + years of creating great relationships with Physicians all over the U.S. and have developed a strong reputation for creating proven systems that bring results. We gurantee we will understand your practice and therapies better than anyone marketing company out there. This is the #1 reason our marketing is so effective.

Like anything a job can be done well, or it can be done poorly. We prioritize educating patients, building an online reputation, and improving your website long before considering an advertising campaign. This helps create a focus on attracting patients organically first. This proven method allows patients to find your practice online more easily and avoid the sometimes costly patient acquisition cost of advertising campaigns.

As a medical provider you are an expert in your field of study. We understand the challenges of treating patients, managing staff, and making sure the business stays above water. You should not have to worry or think about marketing to grow your practice. Since we have a strong medical education you will not have to spend hours explaining to us the details of the therapies you offer. This means we can get started right away in marketing the specific treatment options you want to grow. We make it possible to where you can focus solely on providing excellent patient care and we handle everything related to marketing your practice.

One of the main contributing factors to how we are able to help Physicians grow their practice is we also work as business consultants. We will research your target demographic of patients, identify your competitors, and educate you on what treatments patients are actively searching for in your area as well as how to promote your specific services to better serve your community.

Our system does not require long-term contracts however if you decide to work with us we do ask for a 90 day commitment to make sure we can properly research and target your ideal patients, build out several strong marketing campaigns, and get you a return on your investment. Most private practices take anywhere from 3-6 months to see significant growth in terms of revenue. Our goal it not a quick rush of cheap leads. We build long-term and consistent growth for our clients by attracting high quality patients and improving their practice’s reputation in their community. We also work with Physicians to educate their prospective patients on their treatment options, methods, and approach to healthcare.